Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Surveillance Biz Glitch
- This pack contains 88 VJ loops (26 GB)

Anagram and I have been collaborating on this pack since early 2021. I sent him the 'Surveillance Biz' videos and he used it as fodder for experimenting with his analog video synthesizer. It was interesting to see 3D animation brought into a video synth, glitch it up, and then he would send it back over for further manipulation.

Midway through our collab Anagram proposed a oscilloscope vector re-scan workflow, meaning he would output the video to an oscilloscope and then record the results using a video camera. It resulted in an aesthetic that is quite unique and impossible to recreate otherwise. The analog processing adds noise, sometimes recursion, and CRT bloom is something else. So after some technical experimenting and polishing the recapture method, he recorded a jam and then I edited the gem moments and applied a corner pin warp to make the oscilloscope monitor appear more face-on. I also did some experiments with applying a slitscan effect which was icing on the cake. This is my favorite type of collaboration where we bounce visuals back and forth, each person layering on something the other wouldn't have fathomed.

Anagram also produced some original content in the glitch spirit. The analog video synth has a very specific feeling about it, something about the way it acts feels alive to me. So I was keen to composite these visuals and polish them that extra little bit. After he recorded some various experimental sessions then I edited the gem moments, tweaked the colors, removed moments where the visuals froze, and added radial blur or glow. I also rendered out versions with some added fake motion blur using the RSMB plugin which worked nicely with the fast visuals.

I thought this was a good moment to revisit the 'Surveillance Biz' videos myself and create some of my own remixes. After some experiments I ended up jamming with the Zaebects Modulation and Pixel_Encoder plugins, which worked nicely since the effects respected the alpha channel areas.

Much more to explore with Anagram. To be continued in the future!

Released April 2022