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Concert Visuals Creator
/// 2020-current

Ecommerce Admin
/// 2022-current
- The Burlap Bag

Associate Producer
/// 2017-2022
Science Visualizer
/// 2010-2017
- Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science
- My production blog
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
/// 2004-2008
- Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation
- Merit scholarship recipient
- Early college program - 2002

Harvard University Extension School
/// 2011
Special Events Produced
Summer Thursdays 2022

- Series of innovative nightlife events in the planetarium and omni theater
- How to Die in Space /// The universe may be beautiful but it’s treacherous. In this unique adventure show you choose your path through the universe. Hosted by Paul M. Sutter.
- Rencontres Poetiques /// Join composers Mary Bichner and Christina Goh for an evening of poetry, music, and synesthetic visuals.
- Obscured Vision /// Take your seat in the Mugar Omni Theater, slip on a blindfold, and let the power of sound, spoken word, and story transport you.
- New England Synth Fest /// An incredible fusion of live synthesizer performances that take over the Charles Hayden Planetarium.
- Black Hole Symphony /// Debut of a orchestral journey through spacetime told through live music, science, and Planetarium visuals.

Summer Thursdays 2021

- Series of innovative nightlife events in the planetarium and omni theater
- Black Hole Symphony in Creation /// preview of our new collaboration, a orchestral journey through spacetime told through live music, science, and Planetarium visuals.
- ReRooted presented by the Hairstory Project /// Join us for this screening and you’ll rethink the importance of hair as more than just a style for the Black and Latinx communities.
- Inner Space: A Collective Journey /// Joins us for an intimate, live, transcendent event celebrating the release of Genie Santiago's upcoming album.
- Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys /// They return to resurrect their annual unforgettable evening of masquerade, live music, and mayhem.
- Space Torah /// On his fifth NASA space mission, Dr. Jeff Hoffman brought along a small Torah scroll. This is his story, and a unique look at where science and religion meet.
- Non-Player Character /// Live theater meets video games! Awardwinning actor, writer, director, and producer Brendan Bradley guides you through a prototype of a new, in-development virtual reality experience in the Mugar Omni Theater.

SubSpace Sessions 2020

- Virtual season of free live events, music performances, conversations, art experiences, gaming, and more.
- Feature artists such as: Ruby Rose Fox, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Abraham, Coleslaw’s Corner: Science in Drag, Mary Bichner, Dutch ReBelle, Multiverse: Octave of Light, Thina: A World Premiere from SYREN Modern Dance, Julie Rhodes, Arc Iris Presents iTMRW: Behind-the-Scenes.

Summer Thursdays 2019
- Series of innovative nightlife events in the planetarium every Thursday.
- Theater drama performance "Medusa: Reclaiming the Myth" featuring live music by What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? This animated audio play with live band performance retells the Medusa tale for the modern era: reclaiming underlying themes of female empowerment, cunning, collaboration, and triumph.
- Drag performances featuring Coleslaw’s Corner and Drag Kings of The Slaughterhouse Society.
- Live music performances featuring: TOKiMONSTA, Arc Iris, Palavar Springs, Dutch Rebelle, Ian Ethan Case, Niki Luparelli, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, Synethesia Suite, and Multiverse: Hidden Worlds.
- Horror Movie screenings: Jennifer's Body, Friday the 13th, and Blair Witch Project.
- Collaborated with ImprovBoston for an improvised comedy show.
- eGaming tournaments featuring: Smash Brothers, Mortal Kombat, Overwatch

Summer Thursdays 2018
- Series of innovative nightlife events in the planetarium every Thursday.
- Theater drama performance "Yellow Bird in Space" by Liars & Believers. An epic chase to catch the yellow bird through outer space, battling monsters, robots, aliens, and climate change. Combining physical theatre and imagination with the planetarium immersion.
- Drag performances featuring Boston's Best Drag Queens and Drag Kings of The Slaughterhouse Society.
- Live music performances featuring: Jaggery, STL GLD, and Ruby Rose Fox.
- Sci-Fi Movie screenings: Stargate, The Fifth Element, and Event Horizon.

Summer Thursdays 2017
- Series of innovative nightlife events in the planetarium every Thursday.
- Collaborated with ImprovBoston for an improvised comedy show.
- Live music performances featuring: Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Hallelujah the Hills, and Niki Luparelli & the Golddiggers
- Sci-Fi Movie screenings: Alien (marathon), Independence Day, Starship Troopers, Back to the Future (marathon), Galaxy Quest, & Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
- Brought in Wes Hazard to throw The Big Quiz Thing, a fresh approach to trivia.

SubSpace Project

- Musical tributes in the planetarium featuring original dome visuals. These show are now in paired with the weekend laser shows. Dedicated music shows include: David Bowie, Prince, Björk, Beyoncé, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Fleetwood Mac, Divas Experience - 2016-2020

A World Underwater: The Reefs of Belize
- Presentation in the planetarium of 360 video from scuba diving at Glover's Reef Research Station. - 2016

Stories Under the Stars

- Performance of live storytelling, radio, and music. Features true stories, both personal and inspired by science that explore the theme of "Light in the Dark" (2016) and "Planet Tales" (2017).

Synesthesia Suite

- Mary Bichner and the Planetary Quartet performed live in the planetarium. Since Mary experiences synesthesia, we applied her musical color palate to create inspired visuals which allow you to "hear" color and "see" sound. She also composed a set of new pieces which were premiered at this concert. - 2017, 2019, 2020
- Shorts from the show: Virgo & Double Viola String Quartet

Einstein's Playground

- Live demonstration of what effects you would see when traveling near the speed of light. Utilized Unity3D to bring video gaming into the dome. - 2016
- Finalist in Interactive /// Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2016

Space Station

- Audience collaborated to roleplay an adventure in the dome. Give commands, explore rooms, examine objects, and try to escape the Space Station... if you can survive! - 2016

Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars

- Series of live music featuring Ian Ethan Case playing an acoustic double-neck guitarist and guest musicians - 2013-2016

The Boston Choral Ensemble

- Live performance featuring a capella choir and music selections inspired by stars, planets, and the furthest reaches of the cosmos. "Cosmic Journey" was performed in 2014 and "Cosmos" was performed in 2017.

Beyond the Telescope

- Series where guest astronomers are invited to share their current research in the planetarium. 2012-2020

MassArt 2017: Uncharted Domain
MassArt 2015: The Unknown Between
MassArt 2013: Sentient
- Advisor for college students producing a fulldome show
Show Awards
Destination Mars: The New Frontier

From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA

CSTM Popular Science Film Panorama 2017
- Awarded: Best Film
- Awarded: Most Popular Film

Immersive Film Festival 2015
- Awarded: Best Immersion

Undiscovered Worlds: The Search Beyond Our Sun
Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2012
- Awarded: Best Immersive Cinema

Waiting Far Away
Distributed internationally to over 410 planetariums
- Screened at SIGGRAPH 2015
- Screened at Geneva International Film Festival 2015
- Screened at Jena Fulldome Festival 2014
- Screened at Melbourne International Film Festival 2016
Conference Presentations
SXSW 2017: Making a Live Storytelling Show for a Planetarium

- We shared how we developed the show, performed excerpts, and discussed how to create moments of tenderness, learning, and awe.

IMERSA Summit 2016: Successful Visualizing for Fulldome Storytelling

- Presented techniques for keeping a 4k fulldome production nimble and synced.

IMERSA Summit 2015: Future Immersion Panel

- Presented techniques for using 360 video in the dome.

Ohio State University 2013: The End & Beginning of Everything

- Taught astronomy visualization techniques as a visiting artist.
Personal Projects
NestDrop - audio reactive visuals app for VJ's
Vector Recursion Workbench - laser cutting tool
Abacus of Doom - techno music
Github - programming projects
When I Lived in Realtime - poetry
Youtube - personal work