Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Series of Tubes
- This pack contains 10 VJ loops (10 GB)

Started off with some experiments using subsurface scattering to create a plastic material which light could shine through. The 'wires' and 'spinners' came about from wanting objects of different thicknesses to see how it reacted to the plastic material. The original models came from this super useful tech builder collection, worth every penny.

After jamming with the lighting and I ended up with a long row of evenly spaced non-visible area lights, grouped them together, and then animated the whole group to move in the same axis as the camera. I originally wanted an glowing orb to be at the middle of each area light but overall it was feeling more like a organic reaction inside within each of the wires and spinners. Had to apply some limitations on the area lights so that I could limit their range to a specific distance.

I never enjoy the delicate preparations necessary to make a 3D scene loop seamlessly and this one was difficult with all of those 'wires' moving at different rates, but I pulled it off with some careful thinking.

Had tons of fun injecting these loops into NestDrop. Since these loops effectively wipe the screen quickly, this makes for some very interesting reactions since the Milkdrop engine often uses heavy visual feedback loops.

Released December 2020