Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Machine Graffiti
- This pack contains 50 VJ loops (27 GB)

Street art has this unique unchained feeling and futuristic shapes that I have long been inspired by. So I wondered if I could get some interesting results in training StyleGAN2 on a graffiti dataset. I started off by collecting 716 photos of graffiti and then cropped them each to be a square. And instantly the results blew me away and were better than I had hoped for. I also did a few experiments with StyleGAN3, but the StyleGAN2 results had a more realistic feeling probably since it’s more forgiving of being trained on tiny datasets.

From there doing some experiments with slitscan and dd_GlitchAssist processing was a perfect match. I also did some experiments in After Effects where I keyed out specific colors and then added glow onto everything, which allows certain shapes to come alive.

As always, some of my favorite experiments are layering a new experiment on top of prior experiments. So I reengineered the displacement map technique I used for the ‘Mountains Flow’ pack. Except when I duplicated the layer and applied a multiply blend mode, I added even more fast blur, which rounded out the displaced 3D forms beautifully. Then the black hole shader allowed me to retain the cutout alpha channel. I rendered out one version with the true color and another using a glimmering gold shader. The joy of infinite experiments.

Released May 2022