Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Iris Anomaly
- This pack contains 64 VJ loops (42 GB)

I was thinking about how an onstage musician is often performing directly in front of the visuals and so I wanted to create a 3D animation which embraces that fact. So I revisited the tech builder collection that I got a while back and animated this beautiful iris geometry featuring concentric rings.

After animating each of the sequential rings into opposite directions, I keyframed the Y translation and then randomized their location. This allowed me to achieve some complex motion without much trouble.

To further juice up the rings I auto-mapped the UV's for each of the shapes and then applied an animated stripe pattern to the shader opacity. Due to the auto-mapping technique, the stripes were placed algorithmically and I was happily surprised with the results. Then I animated the 'Repeat UV' attribute to have the stripes continually evolve slowly and yet be offset from the oscillating motion of the rings.

I thought it could be interesting to someday have each of the "RingSolo" scenes be projected on physical surfaces at different distances. That idea led me in the direction of rendering each ring segment to its own layer, which opened up some interesting layering possibilities and also the option to change the speed of each ring layer individually while performing live.

I probably went a bit wild with the NestDrop remixes but I just kept stumbling across visuals that I knew would be fun to tinker with in After Effects.

Released July 2021