Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Hands Cascade
- This pack contains 12 VJ loops (12 GB)

I started off by playing with hundreds of arms moving out of phase with each other, kinda like the images of Hindu gods. But I ended up experimenting with animated UV maps at different speeds to create mesmerizing striped patterns and that took over the focus. It was particularly interesting to apply the UV map as a alpha channel to have it cut out a gold metal shader. The bubble shader was a happy accident and ran with it. Here is the hands model that I used.

I enjoy playing with the nonlinear deformers in Maya since they can be stacked together to create this type of warped appearance. I've been exploring some different area light setups since the global illumination renders so quickly in Redshift and in the past I've never been able to afford the heavy render times on my own personal computer.

Also did some exploratory experiments by injecting the loops into NestDrop to get some generative action happening. Always full of surprises.

Released November 2020