Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Error Overflow
- This pack contains 89 VJ loops (70 GB)

Surprise pack for New Year's! What strange warnings and errors will we see in the future? What tech will surround us? Always glitches.

With the rise of everything digital, I've been thinking of how to visualize an intense barrage of surreal computer errors and overcooked modern ramblings. So I put the idea on the backburner for about 6 months since I didn't have a solid foothold yet. But when the Odometer AE plugin released recently, I knew instantly that it was the missing inspiration I had been waiting for.

From there I jumped right in and spent an evening writing out a bunch of very short poetry that felt on the edge of tech nonsense or maybe a few degrees from being real. It felt good to revisit my poetic roots since I haven't written too much in the last few years.

It was refreshing to do the main work in After Effects and quickly produce the onslaught of text. I realized that it would be fun to also do some stop motion experiments with text quickly flashing on the screen. And of course I had to create a 10 second countdown timer while I'm doing this type of text focused work. I then did some remixes in NestDrop for some happy accident hunting. I'm glitch rich!

Released December 2022