Jason Fletcher
Motion Designer
PACK ⬕ Datamosh Madness
- This pack contains 414 VJ loops (123 GB)

More tech means more glitches! Growing up I experienced datamoshing visuals on accident while scrubbing an ASF video and then the motion vector info would get decoupled from the raster color info. And that fascination with odd glitches has stuck with me ever since.

In the past I’ve experimented with datamoshing, but it always felt like a one trick pony in my own experiments and I wanted to explore more types of glitches in the multitudes that I intuitively know are possible. And so when I recently stumbled across some incredible FFglitch frontends it was a dream come true. I’ve been using tools such as dd_GlitchAssist and Datamosher Pro.

What I love about dd_GlitchAssist is that you can easily set up a batch render with a huge amount of videos. And seeing as how I’m all about exploring happy accidents, I would start 700+ datamosh tests, wait a few days for the renders, and then slowly curate through the results. Such an amazing tool for my style of spelunking.

So I revisited some of the videos from the VJ packs: Machine Faces, Machine Eyes, Explosive Surprise, and Machine Hallucinations. Layering glitches on top of prior experiments is so ripe for exploring, hence why this pack is so large. All praise the juicy glitch.

Released September 2022