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Currently a Science Visualizer at the
Charles Hayden Planetarium
The Fulldome Blog - production blog I write
Fulldome VFX Bookmarks - my archive of fulldome news
Planetarium Shows I've Worked On
From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA - completed in 2015
Waiting Far Away (short) - completed in 2014
Moons: Worlds of Mystery - completed in 2013
Undiscovered Worlds - completed in 2011
Married to Erin Fletcher / Bookbinder
Herringbone Bindery - my talented sweetheart
Flash of the Hand - blog of her inspiration & bookbinding gems
Projects / Art / Music / Poetry
Daily Photo - taking a daily photo since 2003
Rulers and Dice - making music and mashing
When I Lived in Realtime - poetry written between 2004-2015
Jwiki - my own little wiki for recipes and random junk
Joy of Laughing - my dump for funny videos
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Linkedin - hate it but might as well
Goodreads - list of books I've read
Reddit - what have I commented on recently?
Kickstarter - what have I funded recently?
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Vimeo - my mainstay
Youtube - my alt
Vrideo - interactive 360 videos
Ancient Archive
SuPYo.com - untouched website from my high school years
DeviantArt - random art from a while back
Burning Man Photos (NSFW) - collection of fav photos from others